i'm rushing from thing to thing today so this is gonna be short, but dorkorific can't be recovered at the moment (ETA 2: omg yes it can, it's me again, GO TEAM. all is back under control there as of now. but i'm still feeling a little freaked, so, you know, whatever; i'm gonna keep using sashayed mostly, for now. ANYWAY) as it was explained to me today in an email from abuse, "The problem here is that is apparently allowing old usernames to be recycled. Someone can register an old email that was validated on an account, and request an email reset. This appears to be the case with your account 'dorkorific'." but it appears that, until something else goes wrong, i now have control over the community, so, you know, EAT IT, EVERYBODY ELSE.

if any other entries DO appear here, and they link to external sources, PLEASE don't click on them. (the only non-lj site i'd send you to is the incredible lomara's .pdf files of the shoebox chapters, an awesome resource which you can find linked somewhere in cult_sbp.) when we get the entries back, ladyjaida and i will both confirm that we've done so.

to anyone who DID click on those links, this is the important thing, via copperbadge, to whom this also happened:

A number of people found keyloggers on their computers after they clicked the russian poetry site link. A few people actually attempted to translate it (the poem is about eating shit, apparently) and are regretting it. We are advising people to go to and download the free Spyware Doctor and run a scan, also running a scan via Housecall if they don't have an installed antivirus program on your computer.

i'm so sorry about all of this, everyone. and, okay, i lied, since i have no time to do anything similarly helpful there will be just one link: to copperbadge's amazingly useful entry on his version of this whole ordeal. (MAYBE HOVER OVER IT WITH YOUR MOUSE BEFORE YOU CLICK JUST TO MAKE SURE I AM NOT LYING, THIS IS A GOOD HABIT FOR THE FUTURE TOO.)

so basically, 1. download a solid antivirus program; 2. check any hotmail accounts you have to make sure they haven't lapsed, 3. change your passwords and set a security question, and 4. don't click on anything you're not sure about.

love you guys. more to come!

ETA ONE THING: this happened to me because i, stupidly, wasn't monitoring which email addresses were linked to my account. i don't think this is unusual, with longstanding ljs, since I hadn't used the hotmail account in question for years and years and years; but even though it's pretty normal behavior, it's (obviously!) not good. so it's worth it for all of you to check and make sure you aren't giving a vulnerable email access to your journal:

210 &remember


mlle. bits-n-bats ; mlle. artiste ; the project

question - how can all this fit into the shoebox? it is simply not plausible.
answer - the shoebox is somewhat metaphorical. it has bits and bats here and there, but the rest is memory.

question - when will the next part come out?
answer - no doubt once the summer commences (mid-May, we're hoping).

question - i've asked to join the community but haven't been added yet. do you hate me?
answer - no. we love you. to keep things simple, the only two members of the community are dorkorific and ladyjaida. but watch for updates!

question - can i take your pictures/quotes and make icons with them?
answer - are you joking? of course you can. we would be ecstatic. please do credit the project in your keywords, however.

question - why haven't you replied to my comments?
answer - oh my god, we are sorry. as above, we love you madly, and we do cherish and pet and love every single comment. (especially you wonderful britpickers--oh, the things we have learned. NO MORE UNDERCLASSMEN, we swear.) unfortunately we can't reply enough to show our love. in our hearts, however, we are doing so. like madmen. you guys are too awesome for words.

question - will this be one of those perpetual work in progresses that will fester in our souls until we hate you?
answer - no. that is why we are cowriting. we will not do this to you. or ourselves.

question - why are there no capital letters here?
answer - to bring remus pain.

you've got questions? we've got answers. email !

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