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i'm rushing from thing to thing today so this is gonna be short, but dorkorific can't be recovered at the moment (ETA 2: omg yes it can, it's me again, GO TEAM. all is back under control there as of now. but i'm still feeling a little freaked, so, you know, whatever; i'm gonna keep using sashayed mostly, for now. ANYWAY) as it was explained to me today in an email from abuse, "The problem here is that is apparently allowing old usernames to be recycled. Someone can register an old email that was validated on an account, and request an email reset. This appears to be the case with your account 'dorkorific'." but it appears that, until something else goes wrong, i now have control over the community, so, you know, EAT IT, EVERYBODY ELSE.

if any other entries DO appear here, and they link to external sources, PLEASE don't click on them. (the only non-lj site i'd send you to is the incredible lomara's .pdf files of the shoebox chapters, an awesome resource which you can find linked somewhere in cult_sbp.) when we get the entries back, ladyjaida and i will both confirm that we've done so.

to anyone who DID click on those links, this is the important thing, via copperbadge, to whom this also happened:

A number of people found keyloggers on their computers after they clicked the russian poetry site link. A few people actually attempted to translate it (the poem is about eating shit, apparently) and are regretting it. We are advising people to go to and download the free Spyware Doctor and run a scan, also running a scan via Housecall if they don't have an installed antivirus program on your computer.

i'm so sorry about all of this, everyone. and, okay, i lied, since i have no time to do anything similarly helpful there will be just one link: to copperbadge's amazingly useful entry on his version of this whole ordeal. (MAYBE HOVER OVER IT WITH YOUR MOUSE BEFORE YOU CLICK JUST TO MAKE SURE I AM NOT LYING, THIS IS A GOOD HABIT FOR THE FUTURE TOO.)

so basically, 1. download a solid antivirus program; 2. check any hotmail accounts you have to make sure they haven't lapsed, 3. change your passwords and set a security question, and 4. don't click on anything you're not sure about.

love you guys. more to come!

ETA ONE THING: this happened to me because i, stupidly, wasn't monitoring which email addresses were linked to my account. i don't think this is unusual, with longstanding ljs, since I hadn't used the hotmail account in question for years and years and years; but even though it's pretty normal behavior, it's (obviously!) not good. so it's worth it for all of you to check and make sure you aren't giving a vulnerable email access to your journal:

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Um um um

Please to be getting the fic back up? I miss it very much D: And you know there are 80 bajillion people here ready and waiting to help. ilu


July 12 2009, 14:59:05 UTC 9 years ago

question - will this be one of those perpetual work in progresses that will fester in our souls until we hate you?
answer - no. that is why we are cowriting. we will not do this to you. or ourselves.

i miss you guys! come back!
Just to jump on the bandwagon here and say what basically everyone else has been saying--I'm totally hooked on this fic and have been for years. It's my absolute favorite out there. Real life sucks in that it takes up time so it's totally understandable why this wouldn't be first on your list of priorities. Still, I miss it. :(
I seriously need to see James and Lily and everyone discover Sirius and Remus. PLEASE. Shoebox is pretty much the funniest and most endearing thing I've ever read, worthy of being an actual book, and I don't want to see it just trail off... I know you guys are busy with Real Life but you'd thrill hundreds with another installment.

If that's just not feasible, I'd at least want to know it's not ever going to happen. Thanks for what you do, you two.
It's been a while, but me and some of my friends are still secretly, if not more than a little desperately, hoping there will be some sort of update of Shoebox one day. It would be great if anyone would just let us know already - drop the bomb if it's not going to happen, but don't leave this many people hoping, please. I've re-read the .pdf docs too many times now. I think I'm speaking for a lot of your followers right now :/ we don't want it to end! Yet if there isn't going to be a next chapter, just let us know. Or tell us you're really busy - anything. It feels too melancholic to be poking this community every now and then and getting nothing but this sad post that wrecked apart the best work of fiction many of us have read in a lifetime.
I wholeheartedly agree.


8 years ago

a friend linked me to this and said i would love it since the marauders are my favorites. and i really do love it! i just needed to comment and say that part 9 when they had the animal brains i was choking, dying, laughing out loud with tears in my eyes. it was brilliant. thank you.
Er, where have all the posts gone? Was talking to a friend today about re-reading this and I came here and there's nothing.
Was there ever a .pdf I could maybe download? I can't remember if one got made or not.
I'm guessing that you already found them, but just in case


8 years ago

Alright, I think we've all waited for far too long. May we at least have an answer? To begin such a creative, beautiful artwork such as this story, to capture the hearts of thousands of avid readers and then to stop halfway, yanking it away from them? I may be very patient, but it's starting to get too far. You cannot simply forget a responsibility of this magnitude, or if you have given up on it, it is very unfortunate. I do not mean to sound demanding, but even diehard fans of Shoebox will start to slip away if no answers are given soon.
4. I've been getting a surprising lot of emails lately about Shoebox! (All of which have been so magnificently polite and thoughtful and not concerned with poking me sharply in the ribs. it's kind of amazing. i love you guys.) I do want to keep you updated, so. The reason it hasn't gone back up is pretty simple: I don't have the files or most of the art anymore. I have traveled much from computer to computer, our priority was always the PROCESS and not the RESULT, etc etc excuses. So I don't have it. Drop me a line in the comments if you do!

Shoebox is also, by internet standards, fairly old. I dunno how you guys feel about most of your old writing, but my attitude towards my own is generally kind of "yaaargh, cringe." I completely love the story, mostly because it was such a buttload of fun to write, but whenever I look at putting it back together, I want to do just a GIANT REWRITE of all my sections. not to mention a kind of continuity overhaul, for which there clearly is no time.

As for "is it dead/over?" Oh honeybunches. I don't think it is. I always come back around to fandoms & stories, and I really think that a time will come when Jaida and I converge and want to reboot it again, but it is very hard to say when. Ugh, is that a cop-out? It's just, I am working a real-people job and going to law school (HAHAHAHA I KNOW WHUT) and you may have heard J is a published author, both of which pursuits are pretty time-consuming. So maybe it's best to think of Shoebox as being over, and then when it inevitably comes back it will be such an awesome surprise, for all two people who still care. How does that sound?

Translation: Too busy writing Twilight fanfic. Check back when Rowling writes a book where Sirius comes back as a vampire.

Only joking! I'll be one of the two remaining fans who checks back here every once in a while, just in case.
If you folks really want to re-post this. I think I have all or most of your files.
When I started reading it I was on dial-up & some of the parts took ages to load so I used to save them in case I wanted to read it again later. I'm no longer on dial-up but my connection is still not "blazing".
I'm not sure how I can get it all to you, but if you are interested I'll try.

As always,
where'd all the entries go?
does anyone have them all in .pdf?


9 years ago

uhh yeah just posting to say that I really really miss this fic.

i miss


November 21 2009, 11:51:06 UTC 8 years ago

The hell out of this fic. The artwork was amazing. The storyline was brilliant. I want to know what happens next.
As saddening as this is, this was posted pretty much exactly 1 year and 9 days ago. After the fact that you were hacked. And it wasn't even a SBP Update. :(

I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say, "... Shoebox Update? Pretty pretty please with a quiche on top?"
Does anyone have a copy of the last few chapters? I would really like to have them!
=) has all of them in PDF form.
Please say there will be. I love this fic so much and I'd hate to see it end.
question - will this be one of those perpetual work in progresses that will fester in our souls until we hate you?
answer - no. that is why we are cowriting. we will not do this to you. or ourselves.

I wish, I wish. But I don't think so.
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